"Painting Is Just the Half of It"

Morristown, TN & Surrounding Counties


Woodworking in Morristown, TN 

& Surrounding Counties

Most furniture and building materials today are machined in factories and large scale industrial operations. But for that custom look and artistry that can make a house feel like a home, you need woodworking – and Craig's Painting Service & Home Inspection is the seasoned woodworker in Morristown, TN. 

He’s a craftsman and a scholar of wood, dedicated to delivering a customized product to every client. Craig's Painting Service & Home Inspection uses an expert hand, and both traditional and modern methods to create:
  • Beautiful custom furniture and built-in shelving
  • Custom cabinetry and kitchen renovations
  • Tasteful wainscoting and all forms of moulding
Craig's Painting Service & Home Inspection proudly offers:
  • A wide selection of different materials and finishes
  • Extensive knowledge of traditional and cutting-edge design
  • Fair rates and clear invoices
So call Craig's Painting Service & Home Inspection today for an in-depth consultation and free estimate in your home or place of business.